Pressing the reset button What the what?

Yep, I'm going big-time now. First of all, nice to have a unique name so that, in 2012, I'm still able to register it as a website address. Second, I've made the move from running a blog for free on WordPress to actually paying to have a real website, with multiple pages, the ability to embed unlimited photos and video - the whole nine yards. However, I get to create and manage all that within a completely flexible interface that I can make either as complicated or as simple as I want. And, trust me, it's going to be run simply for the foreseeable future.

As much as anything, this is about motivation. The theory is that if I'm paying for this site to take form, even if it's not a prohibitive amount, I'll take it more seriously. I mean, come on - I've been on sabbatical for almost three months now, and I may have written eight blog posts. And two of those were haikus. Not exactly what I'd call productive. I've had more than my fair share of free time.

I know lots of people who manage to write nearly every day, if not every day. I'm literally in awe of the discipline necessary to pull that off. It's one thing if you're doing that for a living, although that's difficult enough. It's another thing entirely if you're doing it alongside everything else you have going on in life. So, hats off to you, Josh. And you, Nicole. Et toi aussi, Casey. I aspire to actualize that type of commitment.

Meanwhile, this new site is a tool to work toward that. Plus, it's looking entirely likely that the whole freelance writing thing might start to take off as a side gig, and it'll be rather helpful to have a place to be able to promote that service. In all, the time is right to take this step. Stay tuned for more...