Body & Soul

The blog's not all that needed a reset. These last few months have been somewhat of a process of resetting much of my life.

It's been exactly three months since I stopped getting up to go to work five days a week. After twenty-three years, putting the brakes on that full stop was a shock to the system. Some days? Ridiculously productive. Other days? Well, there were days I'd have been hard pressed to explain what I'd done at all.

Which is fine, really. This little sabbatical was about resting, recuperating... resetting, if you will. It's about taking the time at age 43 to finally decide what the heck I want to do when I grow up. And the answer turns out to be that there's a lot I want to do, including some things that are still revealing themselves to me.

Going back to a full-time job? Yeah, that's almost certainly on the list. The whole drawing-a-regular-paycheque thing is just too ingrained in me. Happily, I'm seeing interesting opportunities, so now it's just about turning one of those opportunities into a reality.

Meanwhile, if I can just get out of my own way, I'm suddenly developing a practice as a freelance writer/editor. As in, 'needing to get a tax ID and decide on a brand' developing. And, coincidentally, I'm wondering why the heck didn't I do this a decade ago?

Another reset? The condo. It's almost unbelievable how much chaos and clutter we've been living in. You wouldn't think you could pack that much stuff into such a small space, which is part of the problem - you really can't. But in the last week or so, the penny's dropped, and the seas are parting. The living room has a visible floor, and surfaces - Erin's caught lightning in a bottle and it's fantastic.

The last reset's going to be the hardest one, and that'll be the physical. Shockingly, having no particular place to be during the day is not especially conducive to staying in shape. The most exercise I get is walking a subway stop away to a local bar a couple of times a week, where there's karaoke, beer, and food all night. Counterproductive, no? If somebody wanted me to start working Tuesday, I'd have to hope they have a company uniform of shorts and a t-shirt, because that's what fits right now. So, that's going to need to change, and soon.

Interviews. Logos. Storage lockers. Diets. Exercise...

Finger's on the button. It's time to apply pressure.