Movember 1, 2013

I don't have the Photoshop skills of some of my friends, so I won't be presenting you with 'Keep Calm' style photo/info combos. I wish I had those skills… I suppose that's something I could still learn. 

But I can write, and so that's what I'll be doing. Yes, it's Movember. It's that magical time of the year when men from all walks of life come together in hirsute solidarity to raise funds for and awareness of men's health issues. This is year four for me, and it's about the easiest charity-related decision I've ever made. 

And yet, it's amazingly difficult. It's hard for me to think of too many times in my life when I haven't had facial hair. Full beard most of the time; a Van Dyke at the very least. So, threshing back to bare skin once a year is hard. It's been less than 24 hours and I miss my facial hair already. I don't recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Here — see for yourself. 


Before, looking like the accountant for the moonshine factory.

May I write you a sonata? Paint you a Parisian landscape?

You can call me Doc; Doc Boulton, ya varmint, ya.

Seriously; I'm unrecognizable.

Why should you care about Movember? Well, let me share just one of the many relevant facts with you — every year, about 23,600 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in Canada and nearly 4,000 Canadian men die from it (data courtesy of Movember Canada). That last figure — 4,000 deaths — exceeds the number of Canadian women who die annually from breast cancer. It's not a competition, but that's incredible to me. I'm gobsmacked.

So, I'm going to try to be back here every day as my face reforests, dropping just a bit of Movember knowledge on you. Raising awareness, one blog post at a time. 

Now, if you'd like to support the MOvement, you're certainly more than welcome to do so: 

Meanwhile, welcome to Generation Mo. Swift. Silent. Hairy.