Movember 4, 2013

You didn't really think I was going to write about urban growth patterns in Toronto, did you? C'mon… I mean, don't get me wrong. That post is festering around in me somewhere, particularly after my walk last night, and it'll get written. But I'm hopeful that it's mostly the Movember content that's bringing people here right now. They didn't sign on for wonkery. 

Movember seems to always roll out in stages for me. It starts with the anticipation and the early discussions — kicking around the plans, and trying to figure out what we can do at this year's #MoChaKaTO to try to top the year before. Next, it's registering and getting the Mo Space set up. Then it's the MoChaKaTO Facebook event page and getting it into people's calendars.

Getting the word out at work always comes next, and that was today's task. It's touchy, because it can be such a fine line to walk. I've always figured the best way to approach it is to just put the information out and let people do what they will with it. No expectations whatsoever.

The last stage is getting that first donation. I always figure this should be a bigger deal for me, but it ends up not being a source of stress. I don't really chase donations. I'll tweet out the link from time to time, and I'll post on Facebook, but I don't send out emails far and wide. So much of my focus is on the month-end event that it's really gravy if I get individual donations beyond that.

So, when it happens, it's a fantastic surprise. Today, it was a double surprise — two donations from co-workers very quickly after I sent out my email. Rhonda, Al — thank you so much. That was solid.

Today's Movember men's health fact, courtesy of Movember Canada? 1 in 7 men will develop prostate cancer during their lifetime. 1 in 7. 1. In. 7. Just let that sink in for a moment… 

You a baseball fan? Next time your favourite team takes the field, remember that one of those guys is statistically likely to get prostate cancer. Like the Disney movies? One of Snow White's dwarves may have had prostate cancer. Enjoy the western movies? "The Magnificent Seven" — seven men, one destiny? For one of them, their destiny might have been to develop prostate cancer, assuming a bullet didn't get them first. 

1 in 7. Sorry, but that's just a little staggering. 

Until tomorrow, stay hairy my friends.