Movember 5, 2013

There was a moment earlier today — one brief, elusive, seductive moment — where it felt like we might get a bit of a break from the circus. It was wonderful. 

But then the lights went on, and the ringleader stepped out in front of the crowd, and the music started up. All of a sudden, there were clowns everywhere. 

It's the lousiest show on earth… 

Yeah, it's finally happened; I have Toronto politics fatigue. And what did I prescribe myself as a cure? I went to a city planning department meeting about yet another condo development being proposed for my neighbourhood at Yonge and Eglinton. What is wrong me?

That's a rhetorical question, by the way.

Meanwhile, let's talk about balls — mine, yours, your significant other's, everyone's. It's pretty widely known that one of the keys to early detection of breast cancer is for women to give themselves regular breast self-examinations. Well, the same principle holds for testicles. Testicular cancer is actually one of the most curable forms of cancer, and so the long-term survival rate is really high — 96% — if it's caught early.

So, guys? Next time you're in the shower, give the boys a bit of a grope. Then, a month or so later, do it again. If nothing seems different, then you're golden. If you notice something that wasn't there the month before, it might be worth swinging by your doctor's office for a second opinion. 

Heck, make it fun and get someone to do the groping for you. I mean, not me — I like you and all, but there's a limit… 

By the way, that was today's Movember men's health fact. I don't just randomly go around talking about balls, you know. 

Five days into Movember, and the fundraising really is building some MOmentum.  Thanks to my old CIBC buddy Kim Marisa for bringing both the noise and the funk. Thanks also to the Canadian National Exhibition for their support — well, okay, it's really a thanks to Mo Bro Joshua Murray, but the CNE made it possible. It's a long story. If you're interested in helping, the Mo Bank is always open for deposits.

Until tomorrow, remember that the bar for what's acceptable conduct of an elected representative is apparently getting lower and lower by the day. So, as I answered when I was asked earlier tonight, there's always a chance — we'll just have to see.