My other deputation to TEYCC - September 10, 2013 (part 1)

While the big story of my day yesterday at Community Council was the Sam the Record Man sign issue, the original reason I was attending was to speak out against another awful Yonge & Eglinton-area condo project…

Speaking in opposition to TE26.18 (95 & 99 Broadway Avenue and 197 Redpath Avenue — Zoning Amendment & Rental Demolition Application under Municipal Code 667 — Request for Directions/Refusal Report)

Thank you, Mister Chair, and good afternoon. My name is Sean Boulton and I'm a resident of Broadway Avenue. 

Back in June, I sat in this same chair and spoke in opposition to a condo development that was proposed for the northeast corner of Yonge and Eglinton. I talked to you about how development was choking my neighbourhood, about how we were struggling to incorporate what amounted to the population of Kenora in an area one-three-hundredth its size, and about how we desperately lacked the infrastructure to support this rate of growth.

I spoke to you that day knowing that staff was recommending you approve that development, and knowing that you'd almost certainly take their advice, which you did. But I came and spoke to you anyway, because they were points worth making, even if doing so might not have achieved my desired result.

Today, almost three months later, I'm back to speak to you in opposition to another condo development, this time one even closer to home. All of the same points I made last time still apply, except this time staff is recommending that you both refuse the application and challenge the developer's appeal at the OMB — the provincial Office for Municipal Bullying. I expect that you're going to take their advice again, and you're going to do so because this is a ludicrous proposal. It's too tall, too dense — 22 times density — on too small a lot, too close to the buildings around it, and making no effort to fit in with the existing neighbourhood. The staff report is a case study of everything that could possibly be wrong with a development application — all the applicant has missed is including a toxic waste dump or a 101-Dalmatians-style coat making factory. In fact, it's such a ridiculous proposal that I suspect even the applicant knows it's ridiculous. That's a bold statement, but I feel comfortable making it because they haven't opened a sales centre, or taken out a single ad, or littered the neighbourhood with sandwich boards letting everyone know that they're open for business. And while this is exactly what we should  want from an unapproved development, when was the last time you could say these things about a condo project in Toronto?

Now, despite the fact that I'm confident the writing is on the wall for this application, I'm here anyway. I'm here because if I'm going to throw bricks when I think you're getting it wrong, I think it's equally important to pass out bouquets when I think you're getting it right. And if you refuse and fight this proposal, you're getting it right. You're getting it very, very right.

So, not to count chickens, but thanks in advance — especially to Councillor Matlow and Mr. Burkholder of the Planning department, but to Community Council and staff generally — for taking a step to protect my neighbourhood today. And thank you for your time.