Do you wanna play some foosball? (Updated with correct photo)

If you joined us at last week's Movember Challenge Karaoke event — and, if you didn't, why the heck not — you would have heard the news that we're going to be having ourselves a little auction this Friday night. In case you weren't there, or in case you forgot, let me lay it out for you.

Thursday night was our 5th annual #MoChaKaTO, where we leverage Jason Rolland's weekly #loserkaraoke show to raise some money for Movember. Once again, it was a great night. We had some of the usual painful and fantastic challenges and some great raffle prizes, adding up to just shy of $1,800 raised. Not quite as much as we brought in last year, but better than we'd actually expected.

But this year, the event alone isn't our only source of fundraising. See, our fine hosts at the Marquis of Granby have very generously donated a bar-quality, Guinness-branded foosball table to the cause. Very generously. It's a big get. While we don't have a picture right now — we're working on it (it's in a box) — we think it might look like this [Update: This is now a picture of what it actually looks like!]:


Rather than just throw it into the pot with our raffle prizes, we thought there might be a better way to maximize the value of this item while also broadening our reach, and we landed on an auction. A Twitter auction, in fact.

So, here's the plan. This Friday night, November 28th, we're going to put the foosball table on the auction block starting at 8 p.m. Eastern, using the #MoChaKaTO Twitter hashtag. We'll have a reasonable starting price (I mean, we're not going to give this sucker away). And for as long as people are willing to bid it up (within reason), we'll keep taking your bids. The winning bidder can make their payment through the Tilt we ran to make Jason Rolland sing Celine Dion last week (video of which can be found here), so that you'll be able to pay with a credit card. Jason has graciously agreed to deliver the table to the winning bidder, as long as they're within the GTA. If you're further away than that, sadly, you'll have to be willing to come pick it up.

So, if you're interested, follow the #MoChaKaTO hashtag and join in. And please, tell your friends. Feel free to spread the word far and wide.