Erin Murphy and Sean Boulton are getting married. On May 24, 2014. Some would say it's about time. Erin and Sean say that's really soon! Well, mostly Erin says that — Sean's a little calmer about things. But it is soon.

This is where you get to tell us whether or not you can come. It's a webpage, because who has the time to wait for RSVPs to come through the mail — May 24th is soon!

Thanks for opening our invitation! We're really hoping that you'll be able to join us but we also understand completely if you can't be there — short notice and all. You'll be missing some fun, though.

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Let's get the important question out of the way first — please let us know whether or not you can come on May 24th.
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Please give us the first and last names of the adults from your party attending (or not attending, as the case may be). List the names of any children in the Message field below, because otherwise this'd just be a form full of Name fields!
This wedding is a low-key, family affair. The reception will be buffet style, and much of the food will be homemade. If you're interested in contributing a dish, please let us know, and tell us in the message field below what you'd like to bring.
Please add any information/questions/well wishes here!